Shaw Middle School


Welcome to Shaw Middle School and the DREAM TEAM! 

This website is your resource and it provides you with the tools you need to be successful.  Please check it often as it includes your assignments, due dates, research information, updated blogs, and other important information.  This site puts the class in the palm of your hands.  As long as it is updated, you should be familiar with the site. 

I am excited to learn about each one of you throughout this school year.  Come to class with a positive intent and willingness to learn, and this year will be amazing.  The Dream Team shares very high expectations so be ready to go each and every day.  Come to class with materials, a great attitude, and mutual respect for each individual.  Be ready to challenge your thinking and perceptions. 

American Studies is a history class.  We will focus our attention on four main units and topics will include the American Revolution, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Westward Expansion and the Civil War.  All of these events continue to shape our culture, politics, and the world around us.  We will utilize many different ways to learn this material, and hopefully bring history alive!

Technology is a wonderful resource and we are lucky to have access to computers, smartboard technology, and student response systems.  Take care of our technology and classroom so we can continue to learn in a 21st Century fashion.




Last Modified on September 16, 2009