Roosevelt Elementary

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To ensure that each child is provided the most appropriate educational experience as possible. We promise to know your child's strengths and needs, and to provide every opportunity for your child to be a successful student, citizen, and individual.  We recognize and celebrate our differences while assisting children in learning about the value of community and relationships.

  • All children can learn.
  • Learning is an important, valuable, lifelong skill.
  • Successful learning and positive behavior occur when students are held accountable through the combined support of parents and teachers.
  • Maximum student learning occurs when families, the school, and the community work together to provide a variety of educational experiences.
  • Students will be most successful when the learning environment feels emotionally secure and all individuals show respect for themselves and others.
  • Achievement increases when learners see the connection between their learning and their lives.
  • All learners have the opportunity to excel when high expectations are established and diversity is respected.
  • Students and community will be most successful when tradition is honored, change is valued, and the future is anticipated.