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2014-15 Student Supplies List
Lunch Money & Online School Payments Instructions                                                                   A Username and Password have been created for all
students enrolled in Spokane Public Schools.           Username = Student ID number                             Password = Your Student's Last Name(1st letter capital and rest of name in lower case- this is a change from last year)
capitalize all letters of the last name 



Welcome to Chase Middle School

Friday, October 24th
Hello Chase Parents,
We had an incident at our building today that caused our fire alarm to go off.   There was an electrical odor in the library and a staff member immediately pulled the fire alarm. All of our students evacuated outside, like they have practiced in fire drills.  Students were safe.  In assessing the situation, it was determined it wouldn't be a quick identification. Buses were brought in to keep students out of the cold and rain.  The Spokane Fire Department found the cause after about 90 minutes, a burned-out ballast in a light fixture.  Our electrician removed that fixture.  The fire department conducted their safety checks and assured us that the building and air quality were safe for us to re-enter.  We closed off the library.  Students safely returned to their classes and are proceeding with the remainder of their day.
I'll finish with two points of emphasis.
1) Students were never in danger.
2) If there had been cause to release students or transport them to off-campus sites, you would have received an immediate message from Chase or the District Administrative Office through the Bright Arrow Messaging System.
Throughout the morning, students were exemplary, staying calm following the lead of their teachers.
All school functions and activities have resumed, including after-school athletics this afternoon.
Thank you and have a great weekend, 
John Andes
Chase Middles School
 door bell
Starting on October 15th, we will be using a
“Buzz-In” system
for all who wish to enter our building.
This would apply to students late to school, parents coming to pick up students for appointments, or any other non-school personnel who are visiting our school.
harvest  Chase Harvest Fair harvest
Thursday, October 30th 
5:30pm - 7:00pm
Chase Spirit Week
October 27-31
 >Roll-out-of-bed Monday
-wear your regular shoes
-no spaghetti straps
-don't fix your hair 
> Pridesday Tuesday 
Breast Cancer Awareness
-Show your support & wear pink
Charger Pride Day
-Wear your Chase Charger Blue
> Twinsday Wednesday 
-find a friend and be look-alikes for the day 
>Jersey Thursday 
Wear a jersey from a team you've played on
of your favorite college or pro sports team
Harvest Fair
(Parent/Guardian must come with you)
>Flannel Friday
Need we say more? 
November 10th, 2014
Veterans Convocation
(related to Chase Middle School Students)
are invited to attend

 Veteran's Day 
Tuesday, November 11th
No School
 To our Veterans:
Thank you for your duty, service and sacrifice. Thank you for protecting our liberties.

Click here for the College Bound Scholarship Application

money                STUDENT FINES ?              money

Don’t know if your student has a fine?  You can find out!

Go to

On the right side under Parent Tools in the


Username = your student’s ID number

Password = student’s last name

(case sensitive! First letter capital  ex:  Smith

all all capitals  ex. SMITH)

Click on your student’s name

Right side – Fines/Fees

View open fines and fees

This will show anything owing.  Then if you want to pay online continue following the instructions to pay OR send a check or cash with your student to the Chase Book Room
If you have a new address,
phone number, or contact information,
please notify the public office or 

Help us to keep your student's records accurate.

Thank You!
 Bus Route Information will be available soon on the Spokane Schools website. 
school bus   ->
           'Parents' tab ->
              'Bus Routes' ->
                  Pull down & select grade level ->
                      Enter Address
                  Examples: 1234 E Angela Ct
                                      4321 S Custer Rd
                                      1423 17 St

Contact Info

We believe in cultivating life-long learners by being competent, caring professionals.  In order to effectively achieve this goal, there must be a partnership between students, families and staff.
We believe that teachers should deliver meaningful and effective strategies for learning which result in increased understanding by students.
We believe that Chase Middle School must strive to create a learning environment that is welcoming, safe and positive; a learning environment which sets forth high expectations for all students, families and staff. 
  • Free from bullying and harassment
  • Students and staff feel encouraged and empowered through personal accountability
  • Dedicated to the premise that each student is capable of high achievement
  • Prepares students to be successful in the future 
We believe that student behavior expectations need to be developmentally appropriate and consistently taught, modeled, and reinforced building wide.  Behaviors can be improved through building positive relationships between students, families and staff.
We believe that learning should be rigorous, relevant, and meaningful, is built upon positive relationships, and is the responsibility of students, families and staff. 
Parents can help improve learning by: 1) Consistently checking your child's student planner,
2) Ensuring your child regularly attends school, &