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Helpful Websites (hard copies available in the Career Center) :
Because of the fluid and rapidly changing nature of the Web, some of these sites may be broken or gone completely.

College:  Choosing a college is difficult. Choose wisely to take that first step down the road to success. 


nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator    U.S. Department of Education college search website


www.careerbridge.wa.gov   Database of educational and training programs in Washington


checkoutacollege.com    Washington Community and Technical Colleges information


www.projectopportunity.net   Access to Washington’s Independent Colleges


knowhow2gowashington.org   4steps to succeed in a Washington college


www.wiche.com    Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education or WUE (Western Undergraduate Exchange), a program within the 15 western states for reduced college tuition


www.aacc.nche.edu/pages/ccfinder.aspx    U.S. Community College finder


www.collegesource.org  College Source Online, containing digital info on 70,585 college catalogs, institutional profiles and more


edonline.com/collegecompass    Educate Your Dreams, a variety of college related information


www.collegeresults.org    College Results Online, compare student 4 yr graduation rates


www.salisbury.edu/careerservices/students/choosingmajor/whattodowithyourdegree.html  Majors and jobs


www.k-state.edu/acic/majorin  KSU’s What can I do with a major in… listing



www.inlikeme.com    The college admissions and student aid resource hub 


www.schoolsintheusa.com      Review university & college programs across the US


www.aie.org    Adventures in Education, great college and career planning info and tips


www.wisemantech.com./guidance      Great links to post-secondary information and more


www.campustours.com       Your source for virtual college tours, webcams, and campus maps


www.petersons.com   A comprehensive guide to college info and planning timelines


www.collegeatlas.org   Encyclopedia of Higher Education and if you are into rankings this site is for you


www.anycollege.com   Where your college search begins


library.thinkquest.org/17038  College base, a site for high school students by high school students


collegecost.ed.gov   US Dept. of Education site on college affordability and transparency


www.collegemajors101.com   Learn about the different college majors, also featured videos


www.firstinthefamily.org  Great site for first generation college students, believe in your right to college
www.firstgenerationstudent.com  What it takes to get to and through college 


www.collegelists.pbworks.com    Wiki with great college information


www.usnews.com/education/blogs/professors-guide/2009/09/16/10-tips-for-transferring    10 tips to help with community college transfers


Financial Aid:


www.fafsa.ed.gov    FAFSA on the web, complete your form on line, submit after January 1st


www.pin.ed.gov    FAFSA PIN registration, pin # is necessary to complete the form online


www.finaid.org  The Smart Student Guide to financial aid


www.studentaid.ed.gov      U.S. Dept. of Education site with free info on preparing for college


www.salliemae.com      Tips on how to plan and pay for college


www.fastweb.com    Your access to scholarships and college expertise




www.thewashboard.org    Scholarship clearinghouse from WA Scholarship Coalition


www.collegeplan.org   College Planning Network, a WA State-based scholarship search


www.iefa.org   International Education Financial Aid for students wanting to study abroad


www.fastaid.com   Free scholarship search service


www.collegenet.com    Scholarship database from CollegeNET


www.collegesuccessfoundation.org   Scholarship search and mentoring service


www.meritaid.com  A comprehensive directory of college merit& academic scholarships


www.supercollege.com   Helps you to get in, pay for and succeed in college and beyond


www.scholarshipexperts.com   Database of over 2.4 million scholarships


www.schoolsoup.com    Database with over $40 billion in available scholarships




www.act.org      Practice and register for the ACT


www.act.org/compass/sample    Practice for community college placement test


www.sat.collegeboard.com   Practice and register for the SAT


www.myvocabulary.com    Enhance vocabulary and written verbal skills


www.testprepreview.com   Free practice tests, including ACT/ASVAB/GED/SAT


www.number2.com      Free SAT/ACT/GRE and vocabulary builder


www.gedforfree.com    Free GED online prep and practice tests


www.saab.org   The Online Test Page, free SAT/ACT prep


www.khanacademy.org   Over 3200 videos on everything from math to test prep


majortests.com    Free practice tests and resources



www.bls.gov/ooh   U.S. Dept. of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook with alphabetical listing of occupations


www.onetonline.org  U.S. Dept. of Labor occupations information


www.usajobs.gov    Official jobsite of the U.S. Federal Government, source for federal jobs


www.careeronestop.org  Your pathway to career success; explore careers, job search and more


careerbridge.wa.gov    One-stop, searchable database of education/ training programs in WA


www.dcjobsource.com/fedinterns.html  Find federal internships


access.wa.gov   WA State site, select: Explore Topics; Employment or Education


www.workforceexplorer.com  WA Department of Employment Security site


www.projectionscentral.com  State occupational projections through 2018


www.lni.wa.gov/TradesLicensing/Apprenticeship/default.asp  WA State Dept. of Labor and Industries apprenticeship information site


www.act.org/wwm/index.html   ACT World-of-Work map, occupations organized by cluster


www.goinglobal.com   international employment information


www.careerbuilder.com  Career Builder, job recruitment resource


www.jobbankusa.com   Job Bank USA


www.indeed.com    Search job sites, newspapers, associations and company career pages


linkup.com A job search engine


www.careerjet.com  Employment search engine


www.saludos.com  Hispanic site for careers and employment

www.rileyguide.org The Riley Guide, career and job information clearinghouse 


www.jobhuntersbible.com   Web site to Richard Bolles’s What Color Is Your Parachute?


www.job-hunt.com   JobHunt, how to find your new job


www.jobster.com  It’s your life and your career 


www.careercast.com    Local and national job search site

www.coolworks.com Seasonal employment including the National Parks and resorts
www.summerjobs.com Surf for the perfect summer job


www.grovejob.com    Seasonal part-time job locator by zip code


www.urbanemploy.com/network    Job and internship listings by region


jobfactory.com  Provides online help for job seekers including online newspapers


money.usnews.com/money/careers   Browse jobs by industry, career blogs & headlines


www.khake.com  Vocational Info Center, explore voc and technical careers


stemcareer.com    Info on science, technology, engineering and math careers


www.careertv.com    Streaming career video website 


www.zoominfo.com    Employer and business professional profiles


wetfeet.com  Provides company profiles, wage and salary information


www.vault.com   Vault career intelligence, research companies and more


salary.monster.com  Salary and cost of living wizards


www.todaysmilitary.com    Your guide to all the military branches and available careers


asvabprogram.com  Career Exploration with sample ASVAB test information


www.peacecorps.gov  Volunteer with Peace Corps 


www.nationlservice.gov/programs/americorps  Americorps, national &community service program


www.jobcorps.gov    Federal job training and education for at-risk youth 16 –24 years

www.idealist.org Idealist is a clearinghouse for nonprofit and volunteer resources


www.volunteermatch.org Matches you with volunteer organizations by zip code


Resume Web Sites


www.damngood.com Yana Parker’s resume web guide and links


www.careerbabe.com   Click on Career Babe’s Resume Writing Tutorial


susanireland.com    Free resume and cover letter samples and tips


www.wa.gov/esd/guides/resume/post/post_sample.htm   format an online resume


www1.umn.edu/ohr/careerdev/resources/resume     University of Minn. Resume Tutor!


jobsearch.about.com/od/interviewsnetworking/a/dressforsuccess.htm    Includes proper dress for interviews and resume information


www.business.com/guides/dressing-forsucess-1334   WSU dress for interview success


jobsearch.about.com/od/resumes/a/resumetoc.htm   resume/cover letter guide


Interest Inventories and Assessments


www.usd.edu/~bwjames/tut/learning-style    What’s Your Learning Style?


www.educationplanner.com   Click on students then self-assessments   


www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes1.htm  Based on the Jung-Myers-Briggs typological approach to personality


cms.bsu.edu/about/administrativeoffices/careercenter/explore/assessment/typefocus/whatpersonality    What can I do with my Personality Type?  Plug in your Myers-Briggs results and get a list of careers related to the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types from Ball State University


www.assessment.com  MAPP reveals your motivations for work


www.mynextmove.org  O*Net interest profiler





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