Hart Field Improvements Project
The update to the athletic fields at Hart Field is just one of the many projects that Spokane voters approved by passing the 2009 school bond.  The $332 million district-wide plan includes renovations or modernizations of four elementary schools; completely new ventilation, roofing and flooring upgrades at nine elementary sites; safety, security and technology updates for the entire district; and building, field or playground improvements for all schools. For information regarding these or any other construction projects, please contact our Capital Projects office at (509) 354-5775.
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Hart Field Improvements Project Facts
Location: Hart Field on Spokane's south side borders Jefferson Elementary School. It is named after former Lewis and Clark High School principal Henry Hart- a visionary who secured the site for his high school and the community in 1925. The site was originally an abandoned golf course and between 1925 and 1930 was fenced, graded, and laid with fresh sod. Portions of the originally purchased site were segregated to develop Sacajawea Middle School on 33rd Avenue.
Managed by: Lewis and Clark High School and Spokane Public Schools Event Services for non-school events.
Current Site Size: Approximately 31.8 acres for L.C. Athletics and 8.2 acres other uses.
Proposed Site Size: Approximately 32.5 acres for L.C. Athletics and 7.5 acres for other uses.
Scope of Project: A study and survey of the current and alternative sites on the Hart/Jefferson property involving staff, city officials, neighbors and professional consultants was presented to the school board for its consideration. With the decision to modernize Jefferson on the west side of Hart Field, designs to incorporate the new building and integrate the design into the reconfigued Hart Field will be presented to the community and school board in the fall of 2011. When complete, the new tennis courts, athletic fields, paved parking spaces and modernized field house will be surrounded by complimentary native trees.

Project Construction Estimated Budget (updated): Original conceptual plans for the Hart Field Improvements project were produced in 2008 to generally inform the public of the project prior to voting on the 2009 School Bond. The budget for the scope of work shown on these early conceptual drawings was estimated at $2.5 million.

Several factors have resulted in revisions to the original conceptual design. These factors include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Delays associated with the Jefferson Elementary School project
  • Neighborhood requests
  • Additional City of Spokane requirements
  • User group requests
Accommodating all of these factors is important to providing a final product that meets the needs and expectations of the Lewis and Clark High School community and Hart Field’s neighbors. As a result, the current estimate for the revised scope of work is approximately $5.0 to $5.5 million. This new budget will be paid for as a result of lower than expected bids on the Jefferson Elementary School project.
Athletic Field Siting Selection: Conducted fall 2009 through summer 2011 with input from Lewis & Clark athletic staff, parents, community input and LC boosters.
Architectural Firm: Madsen Mitchell Evenson & Conrad PLLC of Spokane   http://www.madmitch.com
General Contractor (updated): Schimmels Construction Company
Estimated Construction Period (updated): Summer 2013 to summer 2015 to minimize disruption of Jefferson Elementary project and athletic schedules.