Sacajawea Middle School


Social studies education curriculum and instruction in history, geography, civics/government, and economics is uniquely important in the middle school grades. Students are developmentally ready to dramatically deepen their understanding of the world and its peoples. They are ready to sharpen their skills of description and analysis, comprehend the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a culturally diverse democracy, and contribute to the common good. Without historical understanding there can be no wisdom; without geographic understanding, no social or environmental intelligence; without economic understanding, no wise decision making about scarce resources; and without civic knowledge and skill, no democratic citizenry and, therefore, no democracy.
Goals of Social Studies Education at Sacajawea

Historical Understanding To help students become aware of the impact of history on the world around them. Geographic Understanding To help students become aware of human’s impact on their environment and how geography impacts how we live. Economic Understanding To help students realize how decisions about scarce resources are made.

7th Grade Curriculum

The seventh grade curriculum is divided into six units of study, primarily related to Washington State.
Unit 1 - is the geography of the state, including the relative location and important characteristics of the five regions of Washington.
Unit 2 - relates to the settling of the state, from the Coastal and Plateau tribal to later immigrants. Challenges encountered by these populations, and the manner those challenges were overcome are essential understandings.
Unit 3 - deals with the process of statehood, and constitutional issues of the past and present. Students will be able to describe and analyze the structure of state government through its constitution.
Unit 4 - is the emergence of socio-economic concerns in the twentieth century. The emergence of labor organizations in Washington and the results of their actions, as well as the building of our economy and industry through the Great Depression and World Wars are key elements of the study.
Unit 5 - 6 focus on contemporary Washington State; including population demographics, industry and economy.
7th Grade Teachers
Debbie Bell                  354-5490
Katy Cooper               354-5473
Deb Vaudrin    354-5511
8th Grade Curriculum
The eighth grade curriculum centers on United States history from early colonization in America through the Civil War, and is divided into four units of study.

Unit 1 - emphasizes the birth of our nation in revolution, and details democratic principles assured to us in the Declaration of Independence.

Unit 2 - is a study of the U.S. Constitution including separation of government powers, checks and balances, and federalism. The rights and responsibilities of citizenship embedded in our foundation documents, and particularly the Bill of Rights and other Amendments are essential understandings.

Unit 3 - is the history of the United States’ manifest destiny of territorial acquisition and expansion, particularly during the nineteenth century.

Unit 4 - examines the nation torn apart in the Civil War, and the ongoing reconstruction in the enduring vision of our founders.
8th Grade Teachers
Aaron Allen    354-5479
Adam Hencz                 354-5480
Brian Huffman   354-5473
Cindy Schwartzenberger   354-5477