Shadle Park High School




  Blank Learning Log page  You'll need several of these.
Once your proposal letter is approved you will start to document   the activities you do for your Culminating Project. Your learning log will be put into your portfolio (project notebook). The project portfolio will be presented to your panel just prior to your presentation.

Whatever you do for your project must reflect a minimum of 20 hours of work.

Use the learning log form to record the time you spend on activities such as:

  • Time spent conferring or emailing
  • Time spent planning or preparing to work on the project
  • Time spent working on the project
  • Time spent solving problems
  • Time spent purchasing, acquiring or making materials
  • Time spent locating information sources
  • Time spent conducting interviews
  • Time spent taking notes from information sources 
  • Time spent collecting evidence such as taking pictures

Get in the habit of writing in your learning log whenever you do anything related to your Culminating Project. Keeping a log allows you to see at a glance how much you have accomplished and where you are in the process of your project. Referring to this log will help you to write the reflective resesarch paper and to prepare your presentation by refreshing your memory about the project details.