Rogers High School


Pirate Football 2012

Its R Time!

2012 Pirate Football Begins in June

*June 4-June13th- all varsity and JV players must attend the mandatory Spring Football Camp!  This camp takes place after school on the football field from 3-5pm.  Camp cost $20 and must be paid in the Rogers Business Office.  Pick up helmets and shoulder pads any day between May 29th and June 1st after school.

*Incoming 9th grade football players are asked to attend the 2012 Pirate Freshmen Camp.  This camp start the Monday after school gets out, June 18th at 4pm-6pm on the Rogers Football Field.  This camp is without pads.  Bring cleats if you have them.  Camp cost is $10 and you can pay for it at the Rogers HS Business Office! 

"2011 Wrench of the Week Players of the Week Awards"  
Week 1 Winner- Luke Rogers
Week 2 Winner- Robbie Milliken
Week 3 Winner- Luke Rogers
Week 4 Winner- Anthony Hampton
Week 5 Winner- Nick Kaley
Week 6 Winner- Dalton Waggy
Week 7 Winner- Steele Adams
Week 9 Winner- Ken Keller
Week 10 Winner- Anthony Hampton

+++---------------------------------WEEK 1GAME SCHEDULE--------------------------------+++



+++---------------------------------WEEK 1 GAME SCHEDULE--------------------------------+++

"We are from ROGERS...We will PLAY HARD..We will PLAY TOGETHER...We are WINNERS...We are the PIRATES!"       

     -Pirate Creed        

     pirate pic        


Helmet Pic



The Pirate Football philosophy is based on four principles.  In order to help our team achieve its highest potential, you will be expected to develop these four principles in yourself. 

1.  Service Before Self

Every member of the Pirate Football program needs to understand that they are a part of a community of competitors.  Everything you do impacts those around you.  In life, we are to become parents, spouses, employees or a person who, in some capacity, will be required to serve others.  The coach’s main responsibility is to serve the players.  The players are to serve their coaches, teammates, family and fans.  Lose your individuality in the goals, rules and achievements of the team and program. 

2.  Commitment

When you make the decision to become a member of the Pirate Football Family, you must do it all the way.  This requires you to do everything in your power to make yourself a better football player and person.  The level of commitment you make will be replicated in life when you become a husband or a father.  You will sacrifice your personal agenda for the program you are committed to.  This means you will make practice a priority.  Your teammates will become one of the most important groups of people in your life.  This commitment will lead to your team’s success on the field, and you will develop positive habits that last a lifetime. 

3.  Discipline

To be a successful member of the Pirate Football Family, you must become a self-disciplined player.  Discipline is a priority for any quality football team.  You will have to discipline yourself to be to practice on time, to learn the skills of your position, to study scouting reports and to execute during an individual play.  A disciplined player will never make his coach or captains pick between an individual and the team.  In this type of situation, the team will always win. 

4.  Teamwork

Your individual success is important to our program, but only as it contributes to the team.  You must always support your teammates, never letting them down.  The unity of the team is more important to the coaches and captains than any one individual.  We are a family and depend on one another.  Every role on this team is an important one.




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