Ferris High School


eligibility and enrollment
Preschool     Eligibility:
Children attending the preschool must be at least three years of age by August 31 and no older than five.
    Children must also be toilet trained.
    Enrollment Procedure:                                                                                
      *  Enrollment is determined by availability of space and number
          of students in the high school program.
      *  Typical enrollment is 18 - 20 children per class.
      *  Selection priority is based upon:
           -  Returning preschool students
           -  Siblings of currently enrolled children
           -  Children of Ferris High School staff members
      *   Child may be enrolled up to two years
      *   The enrollment process includes completion of the following forms:
           -  Preschool Enrollment Form
           -  The child's Certificate of Immunization Status must be up to date
 A cost of $15/month is charged to cover the cost of supplies and snacks. 
                  Checks are made payable to Ferris PreSchool.