Libby Center


About Libby Center
A specially designed educational center for exceptional learners!

From the outside, the structure of Libby Center looks exactly like it did when it was built in 1928, a strong and sturdy building, meant to be something important in the Spokane community for both children and adults. Originally serving as a middle school for Spokane Public Schools, Libby Center eventually changed its mission in 1996 to become a site for a spectrum of programs to meet the specialized needs of gifted students, as well as supporting the staff development needs of SPS staff.

As a result, three different centers were developed for Libby Center:
  • The Gifted Education Center - Tessera and Odyssey
  • The Special Materials Library
  • Staff Development Center - for training of staff in our district.



It is the Libby Center's mission to maximize each student's skills and knowledge through specially designed instruction and differentiated learning opportunities for all learners, whether child or adult. Libby Center is a hub for lifelong learning in Spokane Public Schools

What Makes Libby Special?
We asked our students what makes Libby special, and they said:

  • "I like how all students at Libby get help, the same as all the other kids. Libby serves everybody."
  • "We get to make friends with people from all over Spokane."
  • "All students here can learn at their own rates. If they need more time, they can have it. If they learn fast, they can move right on."
  • "We get to be different, to be ourselves, in a special way."
  • "We have a peer buddy program which helps us to be aware and understanding of individual differences."
  • "We are challenged here to the extent of our abilities."