Instructional Technology Support Center (ITSC)
4714  East 8th Ave,  99212
354-7667 - Main Office
354-7600 - Help Desk
ITSC’s role is to supply and maintain the Spokane Public Schools (SPS) with the Audio/Visual and Computer technology needed to support a modern education curriculum. Consisting of a diverse team of service oriented personnel, we strive to maintain maximum availability of more than 14,000 pieces of equipment installed within the SPS infrastructure. Providing software licensing, hardware procurement and repair, or on-site and remote support, the ITSC is your one-stop Help Desk point of contact.
Technology Services
Technology services are a critical part of the delivery of educational services for Spokane Public Schools. The role of the Technology and Information Services (located in the Administration Building) is to provide leadership, recommendations and support for those systems, such as PowerSchool, IFAS, the district website, phone systems, etc., that are utilized to provide services across the district. Support is provided for approximately 50 applications and systems used throughout the district. 
In addition to the services provided by Technology and Information Services, an additional component of technology services is delivered by the Instructional Technology Support Center (ITSC) who support of end users of systems as well as delivery of technology used throughout the schools. The ITSC team supports the procurement, delivery, installation and support of instructional-related technology throughout the life of the technology in the district.