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  • Middle School

    All MS courses are STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) based and exploratory in nature. They are designed to allow students to explore multiple options and hopefully discover a passion for a potential career path. PLTW (Project Lead the Way) is the backbone of our MS program. Hands-on courses boost classroom engagement and excitement, drive collaboration, inspire “aha! moments” and deepen comprehension.

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    High School

    All HS courses fit within one of the 16 nationally identified Career Clusters – a group of jobs/industries that are related by job skills or products/services. The vast majority fit into a pathway that moves from exploratory to preparatory, culminating in dual credit (college credit), industry-recognized certification/credential, an internship and/or apprenticeship. High school offerings vary by school based on facilities, staff expertise, and student interest. Check your neighborhood HS online catalog for the exact courses and pathways offered.

    Students have a “Personalized Pathway” option that allows them to substitute elective courses for other graduation requirements related to a specific post-high school career or educational outcome, and that is written in their High School and Beyond Plan. CTE courses can substitute for Art, Math, ELA, Science, and World Languages. In addition, CTE has state-approved sequences of courses that serve as an alternative to passing the state assessment as a graduation requirement.

    To learn more about the Personalized Pathway or alternative to state assessment option, talk to your school counselor or College and Career Readiness (CCR) counselor.

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