School Board Members

  • Spokane Public Schools' Board of Directors is composed of five citizens publicly elected to represent the community in setting policies and directing school programs. Members are volunteers who serve in staggered six-year terms. School board members must be citizens of the United States, be qualified voters residing in the district, and have the ability to read and write the English language. For more information, call the school board secretary at 509.354.7364.


  • Student Advisors

    Katarina Kenlein, student advisor, was appointed in the summer of 2019. She is a junior at Lewis & Clark High School where she's a member of the varsity volleyball and track teams. An honor roll student, she volunteers monthly in the nursery at Christ the Redeemer Church and also helps out through youth group outreach programs. Expiration of term: July 2020.

    Andre Ramsey, student advisor, was appointed in the summer of 2019. He is a junior at John R. Rogers High School and is both area and chapter president of DECA. Andre is a member of the superintendent’s advisory group, a varsity soccer player and a 2019 Carson Scholar. Expiration of term: July 2020.

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