Application Process

  • Students are selected for the program based on academic, intellectual, and creative ability. Information from parents, teachers, administrators and counselors, combined with objective test data, observation and professional judgment, determines eligibility. All students who meet the set criteria are accepted into the program.

    Participation is completely voluntary. Approximately 400 third through sixth grade students representing all of Spokane's elementary schools come to Tessera one day a week. These students are served by four teachers, each with training in gifted education.


    Referrals are generally handled through an elementary school office. A Highly Capable building leader will identify students based on the selection criteria. A student's parent or guardian can nominate their student by completing a nomination form. Nominated students will be screened to determine if they qualify for further assessment. Please submit completed nomination forms to the Highly Capable building leader at your child's school.

  • Permission to Assess

    Parent/Guardian permission must be obtained in writing before conducting eligibility assessments for participation in programs for highly capable students. If you have not received a permission form from your school, download one here and return it to your school.

    Referrals are identified for further testing through a screening process that may include:

    • Cognitive Abilities Test and/or screener
    • Teacher checklists
    • Parent information
    • Other valid assessments