Finch Modernization Project

  • The Finch Elementary School modernization and restoration is just one of the many projects that Spokane voters approved by passing the 2009 school bond. The $332 million district-wide plan includes renovations or modernizations of four elementary schools; completely new ventilation, roofing and flooring upgrades at nine elementary schools; safety, security and technology updates for the entire district; and building, field or playground improvements for all schools. For information regarding these or any other construction projects, please contact our Capital Projects office at 509.354.5775.

finch after completion
  • Location: Finch Elementary School opened in 1924 at 3717 N. Milton, near the corner of Garland Avenue and Driscoll Boulevard in northwest Spokane. With nearby school consolidations and neighborhood growth, Finch soon had too many students for its building. Portable classrooms have been a permanent fixture on the Finch campus for more than 50 years.

    Given the unique architectural and historical significance of the main building, special care will be taken during renovation to maintain the school’s character. Though the property appears quite large, the school district actually owns only approximately 4.6 acres of Audubon Park’s 29 total acres. 

    Current Facility Size (Approx Square Feet): 60,810 

    Current Site Size (Approx Acres): 5.66

    Scope of Project: Removal of portable classrooms and demolition of non-historical additions and infrastructure. Construction of new classroom wings to accommodate current educational specifications. Complete modernization of the historic structure. 

    Project Estimated Budget: $26.9 million

    Architectural Firm: Madsen Mitchell Evenson & Conrad PLLC of Spokane 

    General Contractor: Graham Construction, Spokane

    Estimated Construction Period: Spring 2013 to January 2015 (est)