NEWTech Skill Center

  • NEWTECH Skill Center, Phase I - Addition has been selected to use the GC/CM construction process. This process is an alternative public works construction process, in lieu of the traditional design-bid-build construction approach. Spokane Public Schools was given "agency approval" for this alternative process by the Capital Projects Advisory Review Board's (CPARB) Project Review Committee in May, 2013. NEWTECH Skill Center, Phase I - Addition was chosen as the second GC/CM project under this authorization due to the complexity of its digital and medical programs and the site being occupied and operating during construction. For more information regarding this project or other projects, please contact our Capital Projects and Planning office at 509.354.5775.

newtech completed exterior
  • Location: NTSC was opened in 1981 at 4141 North Regal Street, on the corner of Regal and Rich in northeast Spokane. The facility offers advanced technical and professional training.

    Scope of Work: The 37,000 square feet expansion would include the addition of 7 classrooms, administration area, and multi-purpose rooms; increasing the capacity of the school to accommodate additional students and teachers. The main level is 21,200 square feet and the second level is 16,700 square feet. The building is designed around a central open area which will function as the Student Commons. This space will serve many purposes – student project display area, gathering and study area for students, public presentations & displays, information kiosks, etc.  

    Current Facility Size (Approx Square Feet): 69,847

    Current Site Size (Approx Acres): 8.47 

    Project Estimated Budget: $13.7 million
    Architectural Firm: Bernardo Wills Architects PC of Spokane                            

    GC/CM Contractor: Graham Construction & Management, Spokane    

    Graham Construction & Management's team has successfully constructed over 20 K-12 school construction projects, has recently delivered four training facilities with similar technical and health programs and has extensive GC/CM experience.  Graham's education facility resume provides the necessary experience to work with complex building systems located within an active campus environment without compromising the learning experience or safety of students, staff and visitors.

    Estimated Construction Completion:  Summer 2015