Our School

  • Audubon Elementary is a Title 1 school within SPS.

    During the school year, the Audubon student population will run between 450 and 475 students. A staff of 70 plus takes an active, caring role in every student's life.

    We provide an educational atmosphere in which children are given opportunities to practice making good choices, but are held responsible for improper ones. Staff members work diligently with students to develop and practice respect as they deal with each other. Our goal is to make school a safe, comfortable and positive learning environment.

    Audubon staff members set high expectations for all students and work with each toward achieving them. . Audubon is an identified Washington State Reading Corp School. We have many volunteers working with students in the building. They work with children in the classrooms, meeting individual needs, providing a shared language, and using effective instructional practices in efforts to meet the district's and state's learning targets.

    Audubon is a great place to learn. We stand proud of our accomplishments!

audubon students
  • At Audubon ...

    We believe that: 

    • Curriculum should relate to the real world
    • All students learn in different ways and at different rates
    • Personal responsibility is necessary for students to move from dependent to independent learning
    • The home and family have a significant influence on a child's desire to learn
    • Each student needs to see himself/herself as a responsible, necessary member of society
    • Everyone has a right to a safe and supportive environment
    • Everyone should respect the diversity, culture, and rights of others
  • Message to the Community

    The doors of Audubon are always open to parents and community members. We recognize that when everyone works together, we can provide an educational environment for all children to achieve their optimum level of capabilities.

    Audubon offers training activities and programs for parent and community involvement. We are connected with Head Start to make transition easy for incoming students. Our strong literacy connection helps promote a welcoming and open environment.

    Audubon staff developed a comprehensive weekly collaboration time to meet student needs. We have an inclusion philosophy assuring that students receive help immediately.

    Please take advantage of our open door policy and you are encouraged to be part of "our neighborhood school."