Our School

  • We hold the following beliefs:

    • High expectations lead to high achievement.
    • We must dedicate time, energy, and resources to insure that all students
      are successful and show growth each school year.
    • Students learn differently and must possess a variety of strategies to
      comprehend and to solve problems, therefore, it is our responsibility
      to meet the needs of all students and teach the strategies every student
      will need.
    • Teaching strategies must be in alignment with research and assessment
      data that best directs instruction for increased student learning.
    • Learning extends beyond the classroom into the community and into homes
      and that family involvement contributes to greater student achievement.
    • Technology must be integrated into all curricular areas.
    • A respectful, personalized, and caring environment is essential to positive
      attitudes and personal success of all.
    • Individual and cultural differences enrich the individual and the learning
    • All adults in the learning community must model lifelong learning.
    • Recognition and celebration of successes are important for continued growth.
    • We must strive every day to practice the behaviors that will foster the
      realization of the mission at Lidgerwood Elementary.
lidgerwood students in PE class