Sacajawea PTG

  • We strive to provide the BEST middle school experience for your child. Many of the activities we offer here at SAC are unfunded and don't happen at other middle schools. This is because of your PTG. Sacajawea PTG is solely funded by your direct donation. Parents tell us that they don't want to sell cookie dough, wrapping paper, chocolates, etc... If every parent donated a minimum of $20 our PTG would net $16,000 to support student activities and events. Funds are getting low... You can send cash or checks to the office, or use the Pay Pal link below. Thank you for supporting the SAC PTG.


                                 Pay Pal


            PTG Scheduled Meetings for 2020-2021

    All meetings will begin on zoom at 12:50 (meeting ID will always be 4027360144)


                                      NEXT MEETING

                               Wednesday, March 17th



             "Sac Gives" Ways to Help





    • President- Hilary Kozel
    • Treasurer- Kate Sheffield
    • Volunteer Coord.-Amy Roth
    • Secretary- Lianna Scher