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Frequently Asked Questions

What school will my kindergartener attend?

Your kindergartener's school depends on your home address. You can find the SPS school boundaries here.

You may also apply to "choice in" to a school outside your boundaries during the registration process.

Which schools have full-day kindergarten?

All Spokane Public Schools elementaries offer full-day kindergarten. Our district made the decision to offer full-day kindergarten to all students because we believe it is an essential tool for creating a strong foundation for future educational success.

What does the full-day kindergarten schedule look like?

Our kindergarten teachers are eager to help your child have a fun, positive start to school. The day typically starts with a class meeting to launch the day. Students receive instruction and plenty of practice time for foundational skills in reading, writing, language, math, social studies and science. Specialists provide instruction in fitness and health, developmental music and library skills. There is time for lunch and recess. Parents and guardians are always invited to each lunch with their child.

An afternoon class meeting often involves counselor support; students learn how to greet one another, to learn together, to be part of a school community, and to be a friend. LitFit, taught by your child’s Fitness and Health teacher and kindergarten teacher, is a fun and motivating movement curriculum that primarily focuses on beginning reading, writing, and math skills.

Learn more about the kindergarten school day here.

Is it free?

Yes! Full-day kindergarten is offered at no cost to families.

What are my options if I don’t want my child in full-day kindergarten?

If parents have concerns about their child attending kindergarten for a full day, we urge them to give it a try. There will be a transition period, but our school staff members are dedicated to making kindergarten a positive experience for everyone. Parents who would like a half-day option should contact their school's principal to discuss their child's schedule.

How old does my child need to be to start kindergarten?

Children starting kindergarten are generally 5 years old on or before Aug. 31. Children who turn 5 between Sept. 1 and Dec. 1 may be conditionally enrolled in kindergarten for up to 30 days after a successful prescreen assessment. Within those first 30 days, the school may further assess the student’s progress to determine if kindergarten is an appropriate placement. The principal will then make the final determination of kindergarten placement.

Contact Early Learning at 509-354-5640 or with additional questions or to receive an early entrance to kindergarten application packet. The deadline for the application packet is July 1, 2024.

Do kindergarteners have meals at school?

Breakfast and lunch are offered to kindergarten children in the same way they are offered to children in first through fifth grades. If you qualify, please fill out the application for free or reduced-price meals that will be sent home the first day of school or find one here.

Does your child have a life-threatening allergy? Watch this video to learn what you need to do when registering your child, what a 504 review is, what happens in an emergency, and more. 

Is child care available before or after school?

The Express program offers before- and after-school care to students in kindergarten through grade 5 at many SPS schools. Call 354.7312 for more information or visit Express online.

Will my child be able to ride the bus to and from school?

Children who live more than one mile from school can ride the bus along with other neighborhood children, kindergarten through 5th grade, before and after the school day. The school district does not provide mid-day transportation except on scheduled early release days. 

How can I help prepare my student for full-day kindergarten?

These Kindergarten Readiness Guidelines are filled with tips and suggestions that will help you prepare your student for a great start to kindergarten. 

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  • Watch our Feb. 7, 2023 webinar on kindergarten readiness here. You can access the PowerPoint presentation featured during the webinar here.

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