• ASB Officers are voted on each March for the next school year by the entire school. Students may run for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Historian. ASB Officers represent the school by taking the leadership class that plans most school spirit and community service activities. ASB Officers work closely with the administration and their class advisors to represent the student body. ASB officers will conduct monthly ASB meetings and serve on community and state boards.

    The requirements for an ASB officer are to demonstrate leadership, follow all school rules and code of conduct, have a 2.5 GPA. Students will be elected or appointed to these positions.

    These students will help make school decisions, plan all school events like dances, spirit weeks, and assemblies, participate in community service, increase school spirit and general involvement in school sponsored activities.

    Students involved with leadership have an opportunity to earn a letter.

    Contact: Kathryn O'Connor / 509-354-6600 / KathrynOC@spokaneschools.org or Ashley Yelenich / 509-354-6600 / AshleyY@spokaneschools.org

2023-24 ASB Officers

  • President: Hartman Warrick

    Hartman Warrick

    Vice President: Malak Fakhreddin


    Secretary: Vernon Glass


    Treasurer: Gus Ballman


    Historian: Justin Lehman


    Link Crew Commissioner: Nermin Omar