Participate in a School Board Meeting


    Zoom Access for Members of the Public

    By completing the form Register to Attend A Virtual School Board Meeting, you will receive Zoom log-in information approximately 60 minutes prior to the start of the meeting to access the Zoom. Should you have questions, please contact Rochelle Miller at for any support needed.

    Citizens wishing to speak will wait for their name to be called and will be unmuted by the Zoom Moderator. Citizens will state their name and address before beginning comments to the Board. Each person’s comments shall be limited to five minutes or less as deemed appropriate by the President of the Board. The Board’s role will be to receive comments, and will only respond in two circumstances: 1) to clarify a speaker’s point that may have been unclear; and 2) to correct an apparent mistake of fact or policy once all the presenters are finished. No formal action will be taken on comments at this time.

    The School Board does not receive public comment during Special Meetings. Should you wish to share comments or questions with the School Board, please e-mail 


    Please keep microphones muted throughout the duration of the meeting.


    • Find the school board agendas here. To receive one by mail, contact the school board secretary at 509.354.7364.

      If you require an auxiliary aid or service, please call 509.354.7268. Try to make your request at least 48 hours before the event. We will do our best to accommodate requests needed in less than 48 hours.