Career Pathways

  • High school courses are an opportunity to explore coursework, skill building and intentional planning toward a credential or degree that supports your future career and a living wage.

    Course Catalog and Class Registration

    The SPS Course Catalog, along with the class registration support you get from your high school, will help you take courses that prepare you for your future career path.

    The school district and high schools look at courses offered and align them to the national 16 Career Clusters to offer career pathways. Career pathways are meant to provide students with a course-taking plan that supports their T24 goals for the future. Talk with your school counselor for more information.

    Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

    What if your school doesn’t offer some of the classes and programs you are interested in? There are a lot of FREE courses online that you can research and take part in to explore your career pathway interests. Below are some examples. (NOTE: These classes are not accepted for credit by the school district for graduation. They are strictly for exploration and enrichment).

    Some courses are on-demand and some have designated start times.

student practices medical techniques