Dual-credit Programs

  • Get a head start on your future and earn credit for both high school and college simultaneously.


    map pin Advanced Placement (AP)

    This program allows students to take college-level courses, taught by high school teachers, at the high school. Courses are offered in 9th–12th grades, and offerings vary by school. Upon completion of the course, students take a standardized exam. Scores from the exams are considered by colleges, and varying levels of credit are awarded.

    Fees: Students do not pay tuition but do pay fees for the final standardized exams. Fee waivers are available for lower-income students.



    map pin Running Start

    Washington’s Running Start program gives 11th and 12th grade students the opportunity to take college courses at Washington’s community and technical colleges and at Central Washington University, Eastern Washington University, Washington State University, and Northwest Indian College. Running Start courses are regular college courses offered on the college campus.

    Fees: Students do not pay tuition; however, they do pay for textbooks, fees, and transportation (which can be upwards of $500 per quarter).


    • SPS Local Options: Spokane Commmunity College (SCC), Spokane Falls Community College (SFCC), Eastern Washington University (EWU)
    • See your high school counselor for more information!


    map pin College in the High School (CHS)

    College in the High School programs offer college-level academic courses to 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students. Courses are taught at the high school, by high school teachers with approval to teach the course for college credit, with college curriculum, college textbooks, and oversight by college faculty and staff.

    Fees: Students do not pay tuition.


    map pin Career & Technical Education (CTE)

    The CTE Dual Credit (formerly known as Tech Prep) program helps students transition from high school to post-secondary professional and technical programs. CTE programming is a cooperative effort between K-12 schools, community and technical colleges, and the business community to develop applied, integrated academic and technical programs. Courses are taught by high school teachers, at the high school with a select number available only at NEWTech Skill Center.

    Fees: Students do not pay tuition.


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