• AVID (Achievement Via Individual Determination) helps students develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to be successful in post-secondary pursuits. It includes professional development, resources and support for teachers. 

    • At the elementary level, AVID is embedded into the school day. Students learn about organization, study skills, communication, and self-advocacy. They learn to take structured notes and answer and ask high-level questions.
    • At the middle and high school levels, AVID is both an elective class and embedded schoolwide. In the elective, students receive additional academic, social, and emotional support. Schoolwide, AVID teaches skills to help all students become more college- and career-ready. Find more information on the national AVID site here.

    How can students participate in an AVID elective class?

    Any student in grades 6-12 can apply to be in the AVID program.

    • In the spring of 6th grade, students can complete an application and participate in an interview at the middle school. They may be selected to be part of the AVID elective in 7th grade.
    • To join the AVID elective after 7th grade or in high school, students should see their counselor, meet with the building’s AVID coordinator, and complete an application.

    What is the school-wide use of WICOR strategies?

    WICOR stands for Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, Reading -- the instructional, research-based strategies provided through AVID training. These strategies have been proven over time to increase student engagement, rigor, and understanding. WICOR strategies can be used in any classroom or content areas, as they promote consistent and research-based instruction.

    Visit the SPS Professional Development Catalog for information on training.

    Be an AVID tutor!

    The AVID elective depends on college-aged and older adult tutors to provide support for students who are taking a stretch class. If you are interested in tutoring at one or more of our secondary sites, please contact:

    • Amanda Riccelli at 509.354.4640 or amandaRi@spokaneschools.org,
    • Susan McDaniel, AVID office manager, at 509.354.7314 or susanMc@spokaneschools.org, or
    • Rob Reavis, AVID district director, at 509.354.7335 or robertR@spokaneschools.org.
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