Educational Technology

  • Effective technology integration happens across content areas using curriculum in ways that deepen and enhance teaching and learning. It's not about the device  -- the instructional outcome and learning goals are the focus. A device is merely one of several tools used to achieve those goals. Technology allows educators and students a new way to reach previously unreachable learning outcomes.

    When technology is effectively integrated into content, teachers grow into roles of advisor, content expert, facilitator and coach. Technology helps make teaching and learning impactful and engaging.

    Technology in the classroom

    SPS is currently deploying Lenovo Winbooks – convertible laptops/tablets with a stylus built for classroom use. Devices come with Microsoft Office Suite and access to Office 365 online as well as curricular tools and content.

    Our technology-rich classrooms come equipped with:

    • Document camera for magnifying and projecting images of documents and three-dimensional objects
    • Digital projector for large classroom displays
    • Classrooms in new and newly refurbished buildings also include:
      • an interactive display such as a projector or Whiteboard
      • ScreenBeam for wireless projection to the classroom display

    We are teaching students to become:

    • Empowered learners who use technology to set goals, work towards achieving them and demonstrate learning.
    • Digital citizens who understand the rights, responsibilities and opportunities of living, learning, and working in an interconnected digital world.
    • Knowledge constructors who critically select, evaluate, and synthesize digital resources into a collection reflecting learning and building knowledge.
    • Innovative designers who solve problems by creating new and imaginative solutions using a variety of digital tools.
    • Computational thinkers who identify authentic problems, work with data and use a step-by-step process to automate solutions.
    • Creative communicators who communicate effectively and express themselves creatively using different tools, styles, formats, and digital media.
    • Global collaborators who strive to broaden their perspective, understand others and work effectively in teams using digital tools.

    Find Washington state's Ed Tech standards here.

    Funding educational technology

    Spokane voters continue to show their support of student access to technology tools.

    • The 2015 bond upgraded student and staff computers, added digital projectors to classrooms and upgraded network performance
    • The 2018 bond provided for technology infrastructure improvements and device replacements
close-up of computer keyboard