Summer 2023 Registration is OPEN until June 9th

  • 2023 Summer Session: June 21 – August 2

    Summer Tutition*: High School Credit Courses for graduation - $200/semester; Elementary and Non-Credit Courses - $120/course

    *We are unable to provide refunds once Summer Session starts. Please request a refund prior to the start date and be aware that refunds could take up to 8 weeks to process.


    Summer registration will open on April 10th through June 9th.


    Course catalog for summer can be found here: 2023 Summer Courses


    Please sign up for classes that coorespond to the grade you are ENTERING in the fall.

Class Offerings

High School Credited Courses $200

  • Only for students entering Grades 9 - 12 in the Fall.
  • Two semester courses maximum

Career and Technical (CTE)/Fine Arts

  • Certificated Computer Application Specialist (CTE)
  • Digital Photography A or B (CTE or FA)
  • Drawing, Sculpting, Painting A or B (FA)
  • Music Theory A or B (FA)
  • Web Design A or B (CTE or FA)


  • English 9 A or B
  • English 10 A or B
  • English 11 A or B
  • Bridge to College English 12 A or B

Fitness/Health - HS Fitness is only available to 8th grade and above.

  • Health
  • Intro to Fitness
  • Intro to Fitness - Student Athlete
  • Lifetime Fitness A or B
  • Lifetime Fitness A or B - Studet Athlete


  • Algebra 1 A or B (also available to 8th grade)
  • Geometry A or B
  • Algebra 2 A or B
  • Pre-Calculus A or B


  • Anatomy and Physiology A or B
  • Biology A or B
  • Chemistry A or B
  • Physics A or B

Social Studies

  • Civics
  • Current World Affairs
  • World History A or B
  • US History A or B

Non-Credited Courses $120

  • Only for students entering grades indicated below in the Fall.
  • Two course maximum.

Elementary - Grades K-6th

  • Literacy Strategies
  • Math Strategies

Middle School - Grades 7th-8th

  • Literacy Strategies
  • Math Strategies
  • WA State History
  • College, Career, & Life Readiness
  • Algebra 1 Bridge
  • Geometry Bridge
  • Spanish 1 - 4 Bridge
  • SAT/PSAT Prep

High School Level - Grades 9th-12th

  • WA State History
  • Algebra 1 Bridge
  • Geometry Bridge
  • Algebra 2 Bridge
  • Pre-Calculus Bridge
  • Calculus Bridge
  • Spanish 1 - 4 Bridge
  • French 1 - 4 Bridge
  • SAT/PSAT Prep 

Bridge courses: Register for the course you will be enrolled in for Fall.


Out-of-District Students Register HERE!

Thank you for your interest in taking an online course with Spokane Virtual Learning (SVL).  Since your student is not enrolled with Spokane Public Schools, we want to ensure that you and your district are aware of and agree to information regarding credit(s) earned by taking a privately enrolled, parent-paid course with Spokane Virtual Learning.

Students who attend schools outside of Spokane Public Schools are welcome to take Summer School Classes through SVL.


Please complete the 2023 Summer School Pre-Registration for Out Of District Students to get started.

  • Fitness Options for Student Athletes

    Student athlete fitness courses are for high school students only. Through SVL, student athletes can meet the activity requirement of their fitness courses through participation in school or community-directed sports. Student athletes simply enroll in their fitness courses through SVL and complete the academic portion of their fitness course online during the semester. Student athletes should match up their season to the corresponding semester. 

    Students participating in community-directed sports must meet all three of the following criteria:

    • Be supervised by a coach at least three times per week
    • Participate in competition outside of training
    • Accrue at least 60 hours of activity within the semester

What's the difference between A & B sections?

During Summer Classes, both A & B sections are available. We do not offer AP courses over the summer.

An A section is the first semester of a year-long course and a B section is the second semester.  One of the advantages of SVL is the flexibility to take courses that may not be offered in your building.  SVL is able to offer A and B sections during both Fall & Spring semesters with the following exceptions:

Fall Semester

  • A sections of World Languages courses only
  • A sections of AP courses only

Spring Semester

  • B sections of World Language courses only
  • B sections of AP courses only
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  • SV Policies & Expectations

    Please review the following documents prior to registering. Students intending to take a SVL/SVA course must agree to these terms, conditions, and policies as online learners.