Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports

  • Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a researched-based framework for transforming school culture through positive feedback. School staff focus on proactive prevention along with strategies and interventions that match students' unique needs. All students learn social, emotional, and behavioral competence, supporting their academic engagement. Educators create positive, predictable, and safe environments that help them build strong interpersonal relationships with students through teaching, modeling, and encouragement.

    To implement PBIS, schools will:

    • Define a common purpose and approach to discipline
    • Identify a clear set of positive expectations and behaviors
    • Implement procedures for teaching expected behaviors
    • Differentiate supports for encouraging expected behavior
    • Differentiate supports for discouraging inappropriate behavior
    • Implement procedures for ongoing monitoring and evaluation for data-driven decision making.

    School environments that are positive, preventative, predictable and effective are safer, healthier and more caring. They help students do better in class and provide a range of behavior supports.

    Additional benefits of PBIS include:

    • Increased instructional time
    • Decreased student exclusion
    • Increased emotional intelligence in students who know how to regulate their own behavior
    • Reduced stress for staff and students
    • Reduced student aggression toward adults and others
    • Energized teachers
    • Cultural shift with a focus on positive feedback.

    To learn more visit PBIS.org.

    For additional information on specific strategies visit PBISWorld.com.

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