Summer Camps

  • Summer 2020:

    • Starting July 6, free STEM and arts activity kits will be distributed weekly at our 24 grab & go meals sites. Geared toward ages 4-14, the kits contain supplies, materials and instructions for hands-on expanded learning. Demonstrations of activities will be available on Zoom.
    • Students with current access to Clever will be able to continue using it until about Aug. 4, when they are moved to their 2020-21 classes in PowerSchool. Many of the district’s digital curriculums, including Lexia and Dreambox, will be available through the summer. This video shows how to log in to Clever and select favorite apps.
    • We are partnering with Spokane Public Library to offer a summer reading program for all SPS students.
    • Check our academic support options for students performing below grade level.
    • The Special Education department is offering six weeks of remote summer enrichment for students receiving special education services using our online digital tools, as well as up to 1 hour a week of Zoom tutoring sessions with a special education teacher. Sign up here.
student flies a kite