Counseling Program

  • Program Mission Statement

    To provide a data-driven program to develop the whole person within the academic, personal/social, and college and career domains.

    Program Vision

    We are dedicated to empowering ALL students to maximize personal growth to become life-long global learners.

  • Is what I share with my Counselor confidential?

    What you choose to share is confidential as long as there is not concern that you might cause harm to yourself or others. There are other instances in which a counselor may need to share information. You and your counselor can clarify these instances.


    What services do our School Counselors provide?

    School Counselors serve as advocates and supporters of their individual students when interacting with teachers, parents, and peers. They provide guidance and help students overcome barriers that get in the way of their success and post high school options.  


    • Academic Support and Course Planning – Provide course information and selection, referral to tutoring resources, organization and time-management skill building, credit monitoring and advising on credit retrieval options.
    • College & Career Planning – Assist students with goal setting, planning, preparation, participation and performance through a rigorous academic program. Connect career goals and interests with post-secondary education options.
    • Personal/Social Growth Opportunities Support and counsel students with personal issues involving self-esteem, communication skills, decision-making, relationship skills, peace-making, social justice.
    • Crisis Intervention Support students and families in crisis – includes suicide prevention, family and peer conflict, homelessness, hunger, neglect, bullying, harassment, abuse, grief and loss. Counselors draw on community resources to refer students and families when needed.  Policy No. 2145
    • Substance Abuse Support – Provide education, referral for assessment and treatment and share available resources for adolescents and their families.
    • Student/Parent Spport Provide individual and group conferences centered on the academic and personal growth of the student. Provide resources and referrals to appropriate specialists and services.
    • Student/Teacher Support Assist with communication and facilitating cooperation between students and their teachers in order to promote student achievement and academic success. Students and parents are always encouraged to contact teachers directly as a first step.


    How do I meet with my Counselor?

    Come to the Student Office before school, during lunch or after school to make an appointment with your counselor.  If you are in crisis or need immediate attention, please talk with one of our secretaries who will help you meet with a counselor as soon as possible.


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