Academic Support

Connect With Your Teacher

    • Identify what you need help with. Do you understand the lesson or assignment? Do you need clarification?
    • Send an email to your teacher. Be specific about what you need help with.
    • Schedule a time to meet with your teacher. Our online schedule has built-in time for extra help.
      • 1:50-2:30PM Teachers are available for support and/or enrichement.
      • 2:30-3:00PM Teachers are available for parent and student access.

Credit Recovery

  • High School ICAN

    The High School iCAN (Individual Credit Advancement Now) program provides online credit recovery opportunities for students at their home high school, using special web-based coursework developed by Spokane Virtual Learning (SVL). iCAN classes help students meet their on-time graduation goals, and classroom times are scheduled at each SPS high school so students can be assisted in person and online.

    To register for an iCAN course, please see your counselor. You will be enrolled in either a 6th or 7th period lab (where attendance is required) and will be enrolled in a web-based iCAN credit recovery course. The iCAN web-based course can be accessed during the iCAN lab and outside of school.

    The following courses are available through iCAN:

    English 9 A/B, English 10 A/B, English 11 A/B, English 12 A/B, Algebra 1 A/B, Geometry A/B, Algebra 2 A/B, Pre-Calculus A/B, Science 9A Physics, Science 9B Chemistry, Biology A/B, Chemistry A/B, World History A/B, US History A/B, Current World Affairs (CWA), Civics, Health, Intro to Fitness, Lifetime Fitness A/B.

Grading Information

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