Counseling Team

  • North Central’s counselors are divided by grade level.

    There are three specific populations that have a separate counselor:
       1.  English Language Learners 
       2.  Middle School: Grades 6-8 students
       3.  Special Education

    Please see specific counselors listings to the right.

    If you are a heart student or are a homeless youth who may qualify, please visit for more information about supports available.

Department Mission

  • We are dedicated to fostering academic success, personal growth, and future achievements by providing personalized guidance with a commitment to tolerance, respect, and inclusivity for every student. We believe in ensuring all students have equal opportunities to access learning resources, empowering them to positively contribute to the broader community.

Department Vision

  • Our students will be members of a diverse population prepared for post-secondary success. All students will receive a quality education, feel supported in the NC community, and be prepared for life after school.

    Belief statements:

    • Every student should have unique ethnic, cultural and racial identity included in the planning of services
    • Proactively supporting students to become world class citizens
    • All students are unique                                                      
    • All students have strengths and skills they  possess
    • All students should have equal access to high quality education
    • Strive to help each student feel connected to the NC community, creating a sense of belonging
    • Everyone should be respected
    • Every student should possess the skills necessary to be successful after graduation
  • Contact

    Class of 2024
    Alexis Anderson

    Class of 2025
    Kerry Trepus

    Class of 2026
    Nina Martinsen

    Class of 2027
    Alicia Shenefelt

    M-MIST Grades 6-8, ELD
    Macie Pate

    Special Education 
    Anne Park