Social & Emotional Support

  • Middle School Counselors:

    • Facilitate, coordinate and manage 504 process
    • Refer families to community services
    • Offer substance use/abuse prevention & referral
    • Support needs of homeless students
    • Provide individual and whole school crisis intervention
    • Teach self-awareness, self-management and emotional regulation skills
    • Teach decision making and relationship skills
    • Collaborate with parents/guardians
    • Provide individual and group counseling
    • Facilitate meetings, conferences and mediations between all stakeholders
    • Provide intervention support for student truancy
    • Perform classroom observations to assess student behavior and provide recommendations for intervention plans
    • Recognize mental health needs and provide referral resources
    • Refer families and/or child for legal services and facilitate protective services
    • Facilitate transitions between grade levels and program placements
  • Counseling Services

    Crisis Resources

    • Regional Behavioral Health Crisis Line 24/7
    • Crisis Text Line
      Text: 741741
    • National Youth Crisis Hotline
      24-hour hotline. Specializing in drug treatment, pregnancy, suicide, etc.
    • Child Protective Services
      24-hour hotline. State-wide
    • The Trevor Project Lifeline
      Crisis support
    • Crosswalk
      Teen Emergency Shelter
      (509) 838-6596
    • Sexual Assault Crisis Line
      24-hour hotline
      (509) 624-7273
    • Crime Victim Crisis Line
      24-hour hotline
      (509) 751-7119
  • Contact

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