Post-Secondary KPIs

Graduation Rate

  • Percentage of students graduating high school in four years.

grad rate %s: 2013-80, 2014-82, 2015-83, 2016-84, 2017-83, 2018-88


  • Percentage of high school graduates who enroll in a post-secondary experience the year after graduation.

enrollment %s: 2015-59, 2016-51, 2017-52


  • Percentage of post-secondary students who stay enrolled for at least two years.

persistence %s: 2015-72, 2016-77, 2017-82


  • Percentage of students who require high school-level education in the post-secondary experience in either literacy or math. (This is the most current data available.)

remediation %s: 2014-31, 2015-29, 2016-22
collegiate students