Kristen's Fund

  • Kristen's Fund is a memorial fund set up by the Coski family to celebrate the life of Kristen Coski.  Kristen loved music, adventure, and helping others.  The goal of the fund is to help students access private lessons for the first time, to provide funds toward the purchase of the student's first instrument, and to give partial scholarships for students to attend summer music camps.  Applications for Kristen's Fund are available in December through your music teacher and should be returned by the end of 1st semester.  Students selected to receive funds will be notified in February and will work closely with their music teacher to access this amazing opportunity. 

    The Coski family hopes that the students receiving these gifts from Kristen's Fund will receive a little of Kristen's passion for music and helping others and pay it forward as they grow their own skill and passion for music.  If you would like to donate to Kristen's Fund, please contact the Salk Business Office at (509)354-5553.

    Past Recipients


    • Conner A.- Euphonium
    • Resa A.- Cello
    • Phelan A.- Clearwater Arts Camp
    • Jessie B.- Clearwater Arts Camp
    • Abi C.- Clearwater Arts Camp
    • Keira C.- Clarinet
    • Ava D.- Guitar
    • Andres G.- Alto Saxophone
    • Makenzie L.- Violin Lessons
    • Jasime R.- Violin Lessons
    • Liam R.- Violin
    • Kevin R.- Vocal Lessons
    • Kylie S. -Snare Drum



    • Sophia A.- Bass
    • Aiden C.- Snare Drum
    • Abi C.- French Horn Lessons
    • Makenzie F.- Flute
    • Micaiah G.- Clearwater Arts Camp
    • Caleb G.-Drum Set
    • Caleb H.- Clearwater Arts Camp
    • Sami M.-Trombone
    • Kiana M.-Violin Lessons
    • Kaliana T.- Violin
    • Sage W.- Tenor Saxophone






Kristen Coski