File a complaint about a safety specialist

  • School Board policy and procedure 6514 focus on district and campus safety. The procedure includes information about the department's purpose, scope and functions. It outlines general de-escalation and use of force guidelines, control techniques and restraint devices and referral of students to criminal justice. The final section explains how to file complaints regarding implementation of this procedure.

    Complaints Regarding Implementation of Procedure 6514 – District and Campus Safety

    Any complaint regarding implementation of Procedure 6514 - District and Campus Safety - should first be made to the building principal where the student attends or to the director of Campus Safety. Complaints should be submitted in writing and in order to timely resolve the complaints, preferably as soon as possible after the incident, but in no case later than 10 school/business days of the event giving rise to the complaint. Principals will refer all complaints to the director of Campus Safety within 3 days of receipt.

    Complaints may be submitted to the director of Campus Safety by: 

    Response to Complaints 

    1. Timing: The director of Campus Safety shall review every complaint, and use his or her best efforts to provide a written response to the complainant within 45 days of the date the complaint is made, unless the director of Campus Safety has good reason to not complete the investigation within the 45-day timeline. In such instance, the director of Campus Safety shall inform the complainant in writing that additional time is needed. An investigation shall not exceed 90 days unless circumstances beyond the District’s control render completing the investigation impossible.
    2. Substance of Response: Each response should include whether the complaint was substantiated and next steps for appeal.
    3. Appeals: If a complainant disagrees with the outcome of the complaint, he or she shall have the right to an informal meeting with the superintendent within 10 days of receiving the decision. The superintendent shall respond in writing within 30 days.