Vendor Registration Information

  • Spokane Public Schools partners with Public Purchase, a web-based eProcurement service, which allows for automatic notification and transmittal of bid requests (paper and electronic) to vendors. Public Purchase also provides access to bid opportunities with other government entities. All of this is provided at no charge to vendors.

    If you want to become a vendor with the district or remain as a current vendor:

    • Click the "Register to be a Vendor" button to start. It will take only minutes to register as a vendor with SPS!
    • Once your registration with Public Purchase is complete and activated, you will be required to register with SPS by using the same link and clicking on the "Register with Agency" on the top right-hand side of the screen.
    • SPS will require you to complete two steps in beginning your registration:
      1. Select the NIGP commodity code(s) that relate to your business so you can receive email notifications of future bid opportunities. 
      2. Fill out a W-9 for the District's records.

    These steps will be automated if you follow the process outlined above. If you have any problems with this process, please contact Public Purchase at