Classroom Food & Snacks

  • SPS is committed to creating a healthy, safe learning environment for our students. Key requirements of our district's Nutrition and Wellness procedure 6700 are:

    • Food (including candy, cupcakes, and other sweet treats) are not used as an incentive.
    • Non-food birthday celebrations are great alternatives to sweet treats.
    • Snacks must be commercially packaged items that comply with the USDA Smart Snacks guidelines. 
    • Students should not share food with other students.*

    Healthy Snack Guidelines

    All food sold from midnight until 30 minutes after the end of the school day, including foods sold as fundraisers, must comply with the USDA Smart Snacks standards and school board procedure 6700.

    You can use the Smart Snacks product calculator to see if your snack meets the USDA Smart Snacks standards. View rules for foods that do not meet Smart Snacks guidelines here.

    Approved List


    1. Please check with your classroom teacher.
    2. Consider all allergy concerns.
    3. Check label information.
    4. Bags should be individually packed.

    Grains-  Individual single serve portion sizes. 

    • Teddy Grahams (1 oz. bags)
    • Pretzels
    • Goldfish Crackers
    • Granola bars or whole grain cereal bar (no nuts)
    • Whole grain chips
    • Baked chips  
    • Popcorn (Skinny Pop, 100 calorie individual bags)
    • Honey Graham Crackers (.5 oz bag)

     Fruit- Individual single serve portion sizes

    • Raisins (unsweetened, 1 oz. box)
    • Fruit cups (no added sugar, 4oz. or ½ cup)
    • Applesauce pouches (1/3 cup, no added sugar)  
    • Whole fruit with peels such as mandarin oranges (cuties), bananas, oranges and apples.


    • Water bottles.
    • 100% juice with no added sugar (8oz. size limit)
    • Flavored waters, no added sugar, or other additives (caffeine etc)

    * Staff and parents need to be aware of and follow life threatening health care/allergy plans.  Allergy web resource link.

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