Busing Hubs & Registration

  • If your student is currently outside of NC's boundary and is accessing a school bus at one of the SPS's "hubs," the District is going to allow your soon to be high school student to continue to ride the school bus as they transition into high school.  You will need to register for the bus online.  Identify your student as an "IST High School Student".  Then, as you did last summer, you will contact Michael in transportation at MichaelW@spokaneschools.org or 354-7388 in August and he will be able to confirm the closest "hub."

    Bus Stop Hub Info for 2019-20

    Bus #145 (a.m. route change time effective 10/23/19)
    6:?? N Hogan & E Fairview Av;   P.M. Drop Off Bus #170 at 2:40
    6:46  Bemiss Elementary;     P.M. Drop Off  Bus #170 at 2:51
    6:54 Cooper Elementary;   P.M. Drop Off Bus #170 at 2:58
    7:07 Rogers HS;     P.M. Drop off Bus #145 at 2:48
    7:22 N Mayfair St & E Cleveland Av;    P.M. Drop off Bus #170 at 2:46
    Bus #148
    7:15 Browne Elementary;  P.M. Drop off at 2:46
    Bus #153
    7:02 Arlington Elementary;    P.M. Drop Off Bus #145 at 2:56 (West side on Altamont)
    Bus #154
    7:10 N Hughes Dr @ W Warn Way;   P.M. Drop Off 3:00
    Bus #156
    7:06 N Mayfair St @ E Walton Av near Byrne Park;    P.M. Drop Off at 2:46
    7:09 W Heroy Av @ N Stevens St;    P.M. Drop Off at 2:50   
    7:20 Shadle Park HS;    P.M. Drop Off at 3:00
    Bus #184                                                                      
    6:56 Ben Burr Park @ S Havana St & 44th Av;    P.M. Drop Off Bus #139 2:58
    7:07 Thornton Murphy Park;    P.M. Drop Off Bus #115 at 2:56
    7:13 Franklin Elementary School;    P.M. Drop Off Bus #115 at 2:52
    Bus #187
    6:55 Hamblen Park on Napa South of E 37th;    P.M. Drop Off  Bus #301 at 2:57
    7:07 Cliff Park South Side;   P.M. Drop off Bus #301 at 2:44