Shadle History

  • In 1954 it was very apparent that a new school was needed on the north side of Spokane. In the spring of that same year the school board officials were presented with plans for a new Northwest High School to be named Shadle Park High. Once the plans were made, the dream finally became a reality.

    The generous amount of land was donated to the city by Jessie Comstock Shadle, the widow of Eugene Shadle, for the city to build a park. Only a small fraction of this land was taken to build Shadle Park High School. In May of 1956, the firm of Culler, Gale, Martell and Norrie started construction. The structure was completed in 1957 with the total cost coming to $2,787,475. This building was the first high school built in Spokane since 1932 and at the time of construction was the most expensive one in the area. In September, 1957, the first principal, William W. Taylor, with an excellent staff, was ready greet the very first enrollment of 1,331 students. During that first year, the group of students held an all-school election and chose green and gold as their colors and the Highlanders as their nickname. In 1960, the very first class held their commencement exercise for a graduating class of 403 Highlanders.

    In 2003 the citizens of Spokane approved a bond which funded an extensive remodel/upgrade of our school.  Construction of the new building took place from 2007-2009 and students attended classes in the newly remodeled school in the fall of 2009. 

    The Henderson Clankilt and drum

    Eugene Shadle was a descendant of the Scottish Clan Henderson. This clan plays a major role in the traditions of Shadle Park. The school colors, green and gold, are derived from the Henderson tartan, which is displayed as the kilt in the photo on the right side of this page. The name Henderson in Gaelic is MacEanruig, sometimes rendered in English MacKendrick, and is found in widely separated districts in Scotland. Those in Caithness and the north claim to be a sect of the Clan Gunn and descended from Henry, son of George Gunn "the Crowner," in the 15th century. The principal family of Hendersons was the Clan Eanruig of Glencoe for whom it is claimed that they were in that glen of grievous memory centuries before the MacIans (MacDonalds) arrived there. Tradition states that "Iain Fraoch," a brother of John, first Lord of the Isles, married a daughter of the chief of the Hendersons of Glencoe and that their son Iain was the founder of the MacIains of Glencow. He was called "Iain Abrach", and the clan came to be known as the Clan Abrach. The Hendersons, who were notable for their strength, always formed the bodyguard of the chief, and were the hereditary pipers of the Clan Abrach. From the Hendersons of Fordell in Angus is descended the famous divine, Alexander Henderson (1583-1646), who filled a prominent position in the Presbyterian Church of Scotland during the most vital period in her history. With the assistance of Johnson of Wariston he prepared the National Covenant of 1638. He was Moderator of the Glasgow Assembly which outlined Presbyterian organization in the same year. He drafted the Solemn League and Covenant in 1643 , and was a member of the Westminster Assembly which issued the Confession of Faith. THE MOTTO OF THE HENDERSON CLAN IS SOLA VIRTUS NOBILITAT WHICH MEANS VIRTUE ALONE ENNOBLES.

    The Crestshadle crest

    The crest, which represents Shadle throughout the school, was presented to Shadle by the class of 1964 . The symbolism on the crest is: a crescent and a star for Eugene Shadle and the Henderson clan; crossed Scottish thistle to portray the Highlander theme; a grouse foot from a game bird found only in the highlands; and the Henderson clan and the Spokane Falls landmark across the top.