High School & Beyond Plan


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The Goal of the High School and Beyond Plan

Our goal: Preparing students to successfully complete some form of higher education: technical, 2-year or 4-year.

Spokane Public Schools believes that a great school system:

  • builds on the strengths and gifts of each child,
  • provides students from poverty the same opportunities for success after high school as students from non-poverty homes,
  • instills in every student the belief that they can achieve more than they think possible, and
  • assures that every adult in the system is committed to the successful completion of some form of higher education for every child.

We have moved the finish line past graduation to help ensure our students are ready, that they get in, and then make it through their choice of higher education.

Earning a post-secondary credential (certificate, degree, industry certification) will be vital for our students to meet the labor needs of the future and earn a living wage. The military is a great way for students to learn valuable technical skills and access the G.I. Bill for future educational pursuits after active service.

HSBP Phase 1: Exploration Grades 8-11

Students will have five T24 seminars throughout the year for one hours within the school day. Seminars will cover a wide range of topics and provde tools for exporation. The District also provides Schoolinks as an exploration tool for building each student's plan.

In Schoolinks, students can complete tasks that will guide them in making their post-secondary plan. Tasks include:

  • Career cluster assessments
  • Interest inventories
  • College searches
  • Scholarship applications
  • Budget worksheets
  • Writing resumes

Five Seminars   

  1. Oct., 29, 2019
  2. Dec., 10, 2019
  3. Feb., 4, 2020
  4. Feb., 25, 2020
  5. Apr., 21, 2020

HSBP Phase 2: Senior Exit Interviews Grade 12

Seniors will present their portfolio at their senior exit interview.

The Senior Exit Interview is intended to be a useful practice for a "real life" interview, encouraging our students to talk about themselves in a positive light and apply their experiences to their future. 

Requirements for High School and Beyond Plan:

1. Resume

2. Budget showing how student will meet the costs of their chosen pathway.

3. Pathway checklist and supporting documents

4 Senior Exit Interview. May 20, 2020

Seniors will be given their packets and instructions in the T24 senior seminars. Seminar dates are:

December 10

February 4

February 25

April 21


Download Pathway Checklists: