• animation & special effects

    Grade Level: 11, 12

    Credits: 3 per year (1.5 per semester)   

    Location: On-site at NEWTech

    Duration: 540 hours (year-long)

    Prerequisite(s):  Junior or Senior standing

    Program Description: More and more we see worlds of imagination brought to life in films and on television. Advances in digital techniques lead to virtually limitless creativity. In this course students will learn the foundations of animation and special effects used in film and video production through a variety of hands-on experiences, demonstrations, and exercises. Students receive daily instruction and time to practice new skills in the elements of videography, stop-motion, 2-D and digital 3-D animation. Topics include: Scripting and Storyboarding; Composition for Film and Videography; Lighting; Non-linear editing; Audio Recording and editing; Motion-Control; 2-D “Cel-type”animation; and 3-D Modeling, rigging and animation. Our class utilizes the most current software from AdobeCreative Cloud and Autodesk Maya. Come learn how to bring your imagination to the screen!

    High School Credit Equivalencies: 1.0 Math

    Certifications: Precision Exams - Video Production

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