• Grade Level: 11, 12


    Credits: 3 per year (1.5 per semester) 


    Location: On-Site at NEWTech    


    Duration: Duration:  540 hrs. (Year-Long) with an optional Year Two 540 hr. course available


    Year One Course
    - Junior or Senior standing              Year Two Course -  B or better in Year 1 Course and Intstructor's Approval


    Program Description:
    This 1080 hr, NATEF-approved, two-year course is designed to inform and instruct students in the basics of auto body repair. Instruction includes theory and techniques related to the process of welding, metal straightening and panel/body alignment on a variety of auto body industry materials including metal, glass and plastic. Students will learn effective customer relations and sales in multiple settings. Estimating damage and repair costs and procedures are key components in this course. The student will be prepared for entry-level employment in the auto body repair industry as an auto body repair technician. The class focuses on academic, technical skills, and employability practices. Students will develop personal and professional skills in the classroom that will transfer to the workplace: With more environmentally friendly paint bases on the horizon, students will learn the newest and greenest applications in the industry.


    High School Credit Equivalencies: None

    Certifications: ASE Collision Repair & Refinishing (4 Exams Possible), Precision Exams - Collision Repair, SP2 Safety, and SP2 Pollution Prevention


    Careers in this field:

    • Automotive Parts Salesperson
    • Body Shop Supplies Salesperson
    • Collision Technician
    • Custom Accessories Installer
    • Estimator
    • Glass Installer
    • Reconditioner


collision repair student