• pre-nursing

    Grade Level: 11, 12

    Credits: 3 per year (1.5 per semester)   

    Location: On-site at NEWTech -- Also offered in the Davenport School District (including Wilbur and Reardan-Edwall)

    Duration: 540 hours (year-long)

    Instructor: Anna Bruno

    Anna Bruno is the Pre-Nursing Assistant Program Director.  She is married with two young boys, and enjoys many outdoor activities all year long such as snowboarding in the winter and hiking/camping in the summer.  Anna started her career in the medical field as a nursing assistant in a Spokane nursing home.  While working as a CNA, she attended Spokane Community College and earned her LPN and then RN in 2011, later earning her BSN from Western Governors University in 2012.  Anna has worked in many different areas, from psychology to pulmonology to the ICU, lastly being dialysis before joining the NEWTech community.  Anna has amassed a wealth of experience in many facets of healthcare, and is passionate about instilling future generations with the knowledge and expertise necessary for success in a healthcare career.

    Prerequisite(s): Junior or Senior standing

    Program Description: Students will cover the basic healthcare skills and knowledge needed to be successful in any healthcare area from nursing assistant to a physician. Studies include infection control, HIV/AIDS information and prevention, CPR and basic first aid, medical terminology, safety, body mechanics and emergency care. Recognition of common diseases and hands-on patient care are included.

    Students are in the classroom and lab 1st semester, receiving the theory portion of the class as well as hands-on training in preparation for clinicals.  During the 2nd semester students will be at nursing home sites receiving real world work experience performing patient care. Students will learn the basic necessary healthcare skills such as taking temperature, pulse and respirations, taking blood pressure, as well as learning how to bathe, groom, feed, and lift patients safely among many other caregiving skills. In addition, students learn skills in health unit coordination, competence in electronic healthcare software, and patient documentation.

    Please Note: Students (who qualify) will complete a 60-hour offsite clinical rotation required for the Nursing Assistant exam.

    High School Credit Equivalencies: 1.0 Science

    College Credit Equivalencies: Spokane Community College SURG 105 Bloodborne Pathogens HIV/AIDS

    Certifications: CPR/First Aid, Blood Borne Pathogens/HIV, and Nursing Assistant Certified Test Approval

    Careers in this field:

    • Nursing Assistant
    • Registered Nurse (RN)
    • Physician
    • Phlebotomist
    • Respiratory Therapist
    • Radiologic Technologist
    • Medical Laboratory Technician
    • Sonographer
    • And so many more!

    2020-21 Pre-Nursing Syllabus

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