Highlander Chorale

  • The Highlander Chorale is an intermediate/advanced group for students who wish to sing in a large ensemble that focuses on well-balanced and challenging repertoire. To achieve this, students will regularly engage in sightreading activities and music theory lessons during class time. This is an ensemble for soprano, alto, tenor, and bass voices. All freshman tenor and bass voices will be placed in this choir. Soprano and Alto voices will be placed in Treble Tempos and can audition for Highlander in the spring. Highlander Chorale regularly goes on field trips to collegiate or district festivals. Students should maintain good standings in their other classes so that they can participate in these events.


    Fun activities for this year! The Gonzaga University Leadership Academy, the Gonzaga University Choral Invitational with 8 other local high schools, caroling with middle school groups, the WSU mens voices festival, our local Large Group festival with four amazing adjudicators, NW Choirs Second Annual Celebration Concert,a potential overnight trip and tour to Spokane Valley, Idaho, and the Silverwood 'Music in the the Parks' competition 

    Singing at the NW Choirs Celebration with 400 students!  Basses at the WSU festival


    Having fun at the GU Invitational  

    Winter concert

    Practice Tracks for Winter Concert

    Baritone Gaudeamus

    Basses Gaudeamus

    Altos Gaudeamus

    Sopranos Gaudeamus

    Altos Irish Cabin