Student Handbook

  • NEWTech is recognized for its unique and specialized educational programs. One of only fourteen career-technical training centers in Washington State, NEWTech serves over 700 juniors and seniors from area high schools. NEWTech serves as an extension of each of the area high schools, allowing high schools to offer a broader variety of courses, college credits, license preparation, and certifications. 

    The information contained in our student handbook offers students a clear understanding of the exceptional educational opportunities, as well as personal responsibilities and expectations at NEWTech. Each student selects a program which supports their particular educational goals or career objectives. These factors in combination with a student’s dedication toward positively impacting their own personal and professional growth help to create a unique and profound educational experience.

    Our expectations are based on the belief that all students can learn, all students should be responsible for their own behavior and academic performance, and that students, parents, and staff should work together for the success of all.

    Please click here to view our 2019-20 Student Handbook

NEWTech Students