Campus Safety Model

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    Campus Safety Specialists put the care, welfare, and safety of our SPS community first, while building trust and legitimacy by embracing diversity and inclusivity.

    Campus Safety Specialists

    • Focus on social-emotional wellness of students
      • Build positive working relationships with students, staff, families and community members
      • Serve as mentor & positive role model
      • Assist with de-escalating and diffusing conflicts between students
      • Assist with Restorative Practices as needed
    • Assist with facility supervision and physical security of property
      • Supervise campus and surrounding areas to ensure that students and staff are provided a safe and secure learning environment
      • Patrol school buildings and grounds
      • Monitor parking area and inform school administration of illegally parked cars, careless driving on school premises, or other concerns related to vehicles on campus
      • Check and report any hazardous conditions, disturbances, or suspicious circumstances
      • Conduct site (physical) safety assessments to determine facility security concerns
      • Assist with camera system use
      • Train staff members on the use of SPS security system 
      • Assist with access control & single point of entry
      • Assist with the supervision of students at all areas of the campus needing direct supervision, including bus loading areas or other areas under the control of the district
      • Assist with supervision of afterschool activities and event coverage 
      • Provide documentation for input into a central reporting system for property damage resulting from burglary, vandalism, and arson whereby documented cost factors are available covering each incident
      • Respond to intrusion alarms on site during work hours
      • Advise and train staff personnel in security/safety procedures and laws involving SPS
    • Support critical incident management
      • Assist building administrators in emergency response and planning
      • Assist with required school drills and exercises
      • Ensure site maintains a current plan and support training staff members with appropriate actions to be taken in given situations
      • Assist building administration with action to be taken at scene of incidents and emergency situations
      • Assist in directing proper personnel to location of incidents
      • Assist with school safety meetings

    Campus Response Specialist

    These CSS staff maintain safety in the after-school hours and evening.


    Serve with Honor  •  Operate with Integrity  •  Strive for Excellence

Keeping SPS Safe

  • Serving all students with equity and professionalism to ensure excellence is provided to everyone.

    SPS Campus Safety Department

    Responsibilities include:

    • building relationships, mentoring and community outreach,
    • reviewing incidents determined to be on school district property and/or buses,
    • providing emergency communication and coordination, management of crisis plans, and training of Campus Safety Specialists in coordination with fire departments and local law enforcement agencies,
    • monitoring the security of district facilities. 

    Safety Improvements

    The members of the Campus Safety department are always looking for ways to improve. Take a look at some of the things we are doing now.

  • ​Crisis Prevention Institute

  • Campus Safety Leadership Development Academy

  • Additional Safety Measures