Keeping SPS Safe

  • Serving all students with equity and professionalism to ensure excellence is provided to everyone.

    Safety Team

    SPS Campus Safety Department

    Responsibilities include:

    • building relationships, mentoring and community outreach,
    • reviewing incidents determined to be on school district property and/or buses,
    • providing emergency communication and coordination, management of crisis plans, and training of Campus Safety Specialists in coordination with fire departments and local law enforcement agencies,
    • monitoring the security of district facilities. 

    Safety Improvements

    The members of the Campus Safety department are always looking for ways to improve. Take a look at some of the things we are doing now.

​Crisis Prevention Institute

practicing holding techniques In August 2021, the Campus Safety team took part in the Crisis Prevention Institute for training on non-violent crisis intervention, which featured:

  • various verbal & non-verbal de-escalation techniques that can be used during a crisis
  • multiple preventive strategies to use to prevent a crisis
  • how to increase empathy awareness
  • self-reflection on what you can control in a crisis
  • how to keep yourself & others safe after encountering someone engaging in risky behavior
  • Principles of Disengagement
  • Holding skills as they apply to lower, medium, and higher-level risk behaviors that may compromise safety.   

 CPI training    

Campus Safety Leadership Development Academy

All CSS receive training on:

  • Understanding others
    • de-escalation strategies
    • communication skills
    • customer service
    • cultural competence and racial bias
    • conflict management
    • sensitivity awareness
  • Helping others
    • Americans with Disabilities Act
    • Discrimination Awareness in the Workplace
    • FERPA: Confidentiality of Records
    • Workplace Bullying: Awareness and Prevention
    • Leadership Foundations
  • Defending, perceiving and communicating with others
  • Restorative practices
  • Being culturally responsive
  • CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention)

Additional Safety Measures

  • Each school has a Single Secure Point of Entry, allowing office staff to make sure everyone entering the building has a good reason for being there
  • New video and surveillance equipment
  • Our Visitor Badge Pass system checks visitors' names against the Washington state sex offender database, in addition to a "restricted individual" database. Restricted individuals include those who are not allowed on school property, or who have a court order prohibiting their contact with an employee or student.
  • ZPass and Bus Tracker are available to families of students who ride the bus so they can know when their child gets on and off the bus, and also where their bus is at any given moment
  • School windows have been affixed with shatter resistant film. 
  • Contact

    Campus Safety Director 
    Randy Moore