Advanced Placement (AP) Program

  • 23-24 AP Exam Registration Overview

    SPHS AP Students and Families,

    Between Monday October 16th and Friday November 9th we will be completing AP Exam Registration for this year.

    Your AP Exams reflect an opportunity for you to show what you have learned throughout the course of the year in your AP class(es). At Shadle Park HS, we encourage students to take the AP exam(s) associated with their AP course(s). Taking an exam offers students many potential benefits including exemption by your college or university from introductory level courses, ability to take higher-level courses in certain content areas, academic credit for exams taken, completing high school graduation pathway requirements, academic resume improvement, post-secondary tuition savings, and increased competitiveness for scholarships.

    For your information, please see below for AP Exam Registration Details:

    • AP Exam Registration Window: Monday October 16th – Friday November 9th

    • Exam Cost: $98 (see below for options to reduce cost or take your exams free of charge)

      • For students who qualify for free/reduced meals, AP exams are available to be taken at no cost.

      • For students who do not qualify for free/reduced meals, but would still like financial assistance paying for their exam(s), there are limited scholarships available. To access/inquire about these scholarships, please email Mr. Dunn (

      • All exams for the 23-24 school year are subject to a $40 non-refundable deposit charged by College Board. Additionally, after Friday November 4th, students registering for an exam will incur an additional $40.00 late fee on top of the $97.00 registration fee.
    • Exam Schedule/Location of Exam: All exams will be proctored at Shadle Park High School in alignment with the 2024 AP Exam Schedule.

    • Exam Format: All exams are scheduled to be taken as paper-pencil exams.
    • Registration Process:
      • Step 1: Enroll in AP Classroom online via the College Board website for the section of the AP Course which you desire to take the exam. 




        Join Code

        AP Biology

        AP Bio P.5

        Sandra Laroche


        AP Calculus AB

        AP Calc AB P.1

        Heather Perrier


        AP Calculus BC – EXAM ONLY

        AP Calc BC – EXAM ONLY



        AP English Language and Composition

        AP Eng. Lang. P.1

        Holly Farnsworth


        AP English Language and Composition

        AP Eng. Lang. P.2

        Holly Farnsworth


        AP English Language and Composition

        AP Eng. Lang. P.6

        Holly Farnsworth


        AP English Literature and Composition

        AP Eng. Lit. P.3

        Robert Archer


        AP Environmental Science

        AP Env. Sci. P.6

        Joe Groves


        AP Physics 1

        AP Physics P.1

        Matthew Croskrey


        AP Psychology

        AP Psych P.6

        Kirsten Guenzel


        AP Spanish Lang. and Culture

        AP Spanish Lang. P.4

        Donelle Osborne


        AP Statistics

        AP Stats P.2

        Aubrey Smith


        AP United States Government and Politics

        AP Gov. P.5

        Mark Miller


        AP United States History

        AP US History P.3

        Robert Homburg


        AP United States History

        AP US History P.5

        Robert Homburg


        AP United States History

        AP US History P.6

        Robert Homburg


        AP World History: Modern

        AP World Hist P.1

        Kirsten Guenzel


        AP World History: Modern

        AP World Hist P.3

        Kirsten Guenzel


        AP World History: Modern

        AP World Hist P.4

        Kirsten Guenzel


        AP 2D Art & Design

        AP 2D Art P.5

        Carrie Stroud


        AP Drawing

        AP Drawing P.5

        Carrie Stroud


      • Step 2: Complete the 23-24 Shadle Park HS AP Exam Registration Form.
      • Step 3: (if needed) Meet w/ Mr. Dunn to discuss fee assistance.
      • Step 4: Pay for your exams through the Shadle Park HS Business Office. 

    • Supporting Forms/Documents:

    If you have questions about your AP exam(s) or the AP exam registration process, please feel free to reach out to your AP teacher(s), the SPHS Business Office, or Mr. Dunn.

  • Advanced Placement Program Overview & Summer Assignment Details

    Advanced Placement (AP) is a nationally recognized program which provides students (9th-12th grade) the opportunity to take college level courses at their high school, and earn college credit, based on their AP Exam score.

    Shadle Park Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

    • AP English Language and Composition  (11th English)  Summer Assignment
    • AP English Literature and Composition   (12th English) Summer Reading Assignment 
    • AP Calculus AB
    • AP Calculus BC
    • AP Statistics
    • AP Biology  (10th-12th Lab Science)
    • AP Physics (10th-12th Lab Science)
    • AP World History (10th History)
    • AP US History (11th History)
    • AP US Government and Politics (12th CWA/Civics)
    • AP Psychology
    • AP Spanish (see below for Summer Assignment)
    • AP Computer Science


    Shadle Park Honors Courses

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