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    Student of the Month Program 2019-2020

                 Ceremonies (8:00am):                                      Nominations Due by 12:00pm: 

    Oct. 22                                                                                                  Oct. 15 

    Nov. 26                                                                                                 Nov. 19 

    Dec17                                                                                                 Dec. 10 

    Feb. 18                                                                                                 Feb. 11 

    March 24                                                                                              March 17 

    May 19                                                                                                  May 12 

    Night of Excellence on June 4, 2020 


    Staff members are encouraged to nominate students for their skills, work ethic or accomplishments each month.  It’s simple and anyone can do it.  Please complete an online nomination form located via the Shadle webpage.  Feel free to nominate as many students that deserve our acknowledgement.  Any nominations arriving after the 12:00 pm deadline will be held for the following month.  If you have any questions, please contact Julie Lee or Kirsten Guenzel. 

    Recognition Categories and Definitions 


    Students in this category demonstrate academic achievement or show confidence to pursue higher education.  These students have improved or maintained their academic standing, i.e. test scores, GPA, AP and/or diligences. 

    Career and Technology 

    Students are prepared and confident to pursue specialized career training or a career after high school.  Students understand and apply current and emerging technologies. 

    Examples range from a student who helps a teacher solve technological challenges to someone who is attending CTE courses to pursue a career after high school. 


    Students will live as responsible citizens living in K.I.L.T.  K=Knowledge, I=Integrity, L=Leadership, T=Teamwork 

    Examples include someone who serves in a leadership capacity in the classroom, on a team, in a club or outside of school through volunteerism. 

    Global Thinking 

    Students are capable of accepting personal and practical challenges of life in a dynamic, global environment. 

    Examples include a student who speaks a world language fluently or a student who has tenaciously overcome a challenge involving change and adaptation. 

    Character Strong 8 Essentials

    Students will exhibit one or more of the Character Strong 8 Essentials:

    Patience, Kindness, Honesty, Respect, Selflessness, Forgiveness, Humility, and Commitment



    Students of the Month will be invited to attend a special ceremony in the theater and will receive certificates and school-wide recognition for their Highlander achievements, contributions and/or talents.  Parents/Guardians will receive a personal invitation to attend.